Grasp the chances of music crowdfunding.

  Alex Highton by Graeme Wilmot

Make your crowdfunding project a campaign.

  The W Lovers by Kurt Clark

Get the crowdfunding basics you need.

The Deltahorse

Learn from other musicians’ experience

Ophelia Syndrome

How I think about music crowdfunding

I believe that crowdfunding is more than a marketing exercise – don’t miss the opportunities of a crowdfunding campaign.

Make your crowdfunding project a proper campaign. There are more capabilities to crowdfunding than financing an album or a tour. It’s your chance to strengthen the relationship to your fans, develope your fanbase and connect to new people.

Crowdfunding is very personal

That’s why I believe you should do the actual crowdfunding yourself. I’ll provide you with theoretical foundations and experience reports necessary to turn your artistic work into a successful crowdfunded project.

I believe that every campaign is as unique as the artist behind.