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The One-Step Program towards Success in Music Business

There are many lists and advices going around the internet, which are supposed to help musicians overcome the steep ways of the music business. They consist of some more and some less helpful tips (from five up to 20). Actually, most of them are obvious banalities that could work for the marketing of any given product.

Here, I want to oppose those with my One-Step Program: “Act professional!”

And it is really easy to implement, by the way: The central starting point on the web has to be one’s own internet site. Its basic design should consist of bio information, music, pictures and gigs. There probably is a talented web developer/-designer among the friend circle, who can draw that up. All social networks should lead to your website. It’s not necessary to appear on every social network, however Facebook, Twitter and for musicians also important, Reverbnation or Bandcamp, are a standard. Fans are the most important capital a musician can have. Contact with fans should always be a number one priority- but in a modest way, not by spamming (this also includes adding to unnecessary facebook groups)… and being reachable for fans always and through all channels. These are only a few relatively banal things that need to be taken in consideration. And in this case, one which always applies online as well as offline: professional appearance, even if behind the stage this doesn’t always go so smoothly. The fan should notice none of that. At crowdfunding this is decisive for everything, even success or failure. A professional appearance should be a standard in this matter as well. Here, an example (not from music crowdfunding): I am one of many, many backers of Double Fine Adventure on kickstarter.com. Not because I’m a gaming fan actually, but because this project (Attention!) made an extremely professional impression on me. Somehow, an email from this project stayed in my memory, an email after which all backers living outside the North American continent, had to pay extra 10$ shipping fees. I was certainly not thrilled to have to pay for something once again, which explains my partial amnesia. 🙂 However, this amnesia ended yesterday so I asked the DFA staff about it via the Kickstarter mailing system. Promptly, meaning within a few hours, I received an answer (1. proof of professionalism) with a link to a website, on which I could type in my backer email address and be forwarded straightaway to payment per credit card or PayPal (2. proof of professionalism). Surely, someone might object that it’s a piece of cake to do so when you have a 3, 3 Mio. $ Budget. Could be, but I think that nowadays you can have a successful (and professional) online appearance even with a small budget…. Besides, the rest is commitment and hard work. For questions and advice – cost-free - you can contact me on my email address mario[at]musicandcrowdfunding.com

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