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Make Your Crowdfunding Project a Campaign

Crowdfunding has meanwhile become a real alternative for financing art, in the German-speaking areas as well. Crowdfunding is a unique way, especially for musicians to finance their music. Fans can and gladly want to help in this process. Waiting for a big record deal is like waiting to hit the jackpot. Only the fewest of us actually get it.

To have your album financed by your fans is for most artists an unusual, but in reflection a positive experience. Certainly, a crowdfunding project always takes hard work. One has to establish a crowdfunding platform and of course, write texts to match it. The pitch video needs to be filmed. You have to determine what the rewards will be, the quid pro quo for all the supporters. The press and blog contacts have to be informed about the project. Certainly, the fans also need to know that there is something in process, in which they have a saying. Phew! This kind of a project can be quite stressful. In all seriousness though, that’s the least amount of work that needs to be invested in a crowdfunding project. Still, it’s also the absolute minimum of what is possible and can be achieved with it.

That’s why I speak of crowdfunding not as a project, but as a campaign. Because, what can be seen and happens on your profile site of the crowdfunding platform, is just a small portion and covers just a small part of the opportunities that this campaign has to offer. A crowdfunding campaign can affect a lot more than just sponsoring an album or a tour. It can increase the bond between you and your fans, reach new fans, improve the social media profile and strengthen the connection between the on-and offline world. The possibilities are almost infinite and are used by most artists only rudimentarily.

What can you expect from collaborating with music + crowdfunding? Initially, what you can’t expect: a sure formula of effortlessly making money with crowdfunding or advice based upon a specific pattern. Your crowdfunding campaign will take a lot of hard work. This I can promise you.

In the first step, we analyze your relationship with the fans- in the real world and the online world. This includes a specific analysis of your offline activities, for example: concerts, contacts to fans and fan groups. Furthermore, we considerate your activities online, which means a detailed social media analysis and an analysis of your website. We also take a look at how you bring the music to your fans.

From the analysis of your fan-relationship, we develop a unique crowdfunding campaign which will be complemented and supported by online and offline accompanying measures. The crowdfunding campaign of a singer/songwriter is, naturally, different than the one of an alternative rock band.

Our work together on your crowdfunding campaign is not about telling you how the music business works. As a musician, you already know that good enough. We will mostly try to optimally combine all your existing resources and to use them for a campaign success. We can only achieve your goal of funding your project together and if we work to the max, a lot more than that.

At any step of our collaboration on your campaign, you can determine what and how much of the work the music + crowdfunding will take up on. It can go from an assessment and evaluation of your existing project plan, to a detailed campaign strategy including delivery of finished press articles. Let us talk about the details of your crowdfunding campaign in our first Skype conversation.

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